Standard Website

Need your first great website? Or is your current website old enough to drive (or does it look like it)? Then a Standard Website from Narrative Media is the perfect solution.

We build using Squarespace, the easiest and most straightforward way to create a website. Why? Because it allows us to build your website quickly and it empowers you to easily maintain, update, and edit your website after it launches.

What does the Standard Website include? You get all the main sections that a website needs to tell your story and connect with your clients and audience. Also included is personal training so you can better understand and manage your website.

Need a more robust website? Perhaps you're an e-commerce operation? Then get in touch and we can discuss your specific project.


Here's the Standard Website checklist of things you provide us:

  • Your web address information with your domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Google Domains, etc.
  • Your business information
    • Physical address
    • Phone number and email address
    • Social media accounts
  • Your website content
    • Logo and tagline/motto
    • List of your services or products along with descriptions and up to 10 photos
    • 1-3 photos of owners or staff along with short bios
    • 1-3 other photos representative of your business

Have more stuff you need in your website? We're happy to include it in your new website for an additional fee depending on the amount of extra content and time required.

WHy Work With Us?

  1.  Affordable
    We know what other web designers are quoting you for website work, and we're less expensive. We also don't force you into service contracts or hidden fees.
  2. Fast
    If you provide all the content in a timely fashion we can create your website super quick. Who can wait months for a new website?
  3. Professional
    Unlike that cheap web designer friend of a friend that makes websites "on the side", Narrative Media makes your website a top priority. And we have an actual studio/office where you can always find us if you ever need to get in touch.
  4. Full Service
    We're a fully equipped studio that offers professional photography, video, and social media services. Whatever you may need for your website or your business's marketing, Narrative Media can provide it.

I wanted to create an e-commerce site and gallery for my new jewelry design company and hoped to do it myself using Squarespace. I saw the commercials and was convinced, being very web savvy, that I could do it myself…not so easy! Frustrated, I searched for a Squarespace expert in Sante Fe and found Alex at Narrative Media.

Wow! Alex took my information and photographs and quickly created a beautiful and functional web site, for a budget friendly price. He then trained me in about an hour, and now I quickly make additions and changes with ease.

Many people have complimented me on the beauty of my site. I am now selling through the site and also using it as a ‘gallery’ to promote my work to art galleries and retail boutiques. I highly recommend the team at Narrative Media!
— Diane Dorsey, Owner at Diane Dorsey Jewelry

Additional fees:
  • Domain Registration (if necessary)
  • Squarespace website hosting fees

Website Portfolio


Southwest Spray Foam


Southwest Spray Foam is a locally owned and operated roofing contractor company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Services Provided

  • Squarespace web design
  • Aerial (drone) video and photography
  • Professional photography & video


Diane Dorsey Jewelry


Diane Dorsey is a jewelry artist and designer based in California.

Services Provided

  • Squarespace web design
  • E-commerce functionality

Gregg Albracht


Gregg Albracht is a professional fine art photographer who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Services Provided

  • Squarespace web design

Blue Sky pilates


Blue Sky Pilates is a fitness and wellness studio located in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Services Provided

  • Squarespace web design
  • Professional photography & video
  • Social media consulting and content creation



ProsserForge is a metal fabrication and design company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Services Provided

  • Squarespace web design
  • Professional photography & video