3 Reasons You Need A Great Website


Your customers are internet savvy and have seen every kind of website. At this point most businesses have a website of their own, but consider the following questions:

  • Does it look modern and up-to-date?
  • Does it look great on smartphones, large desktop monitors, and everything in between?
  • Is it easy to update and manage?
  • And how does it stack up against the competition?

Businesses of all types come to Narrative Media for websites that are attractive, easy-to-use, and affordable. They trust us to create an online representation of their brand that's accurate and effective. And many of our clients also use our professional photography, video, and social media services to help their websites standout even more from the crowd.

Video Transcript

"These days people spend much more time researching their purchasing decisions. From where to eat, what stores to buy things at, even where to go on vacation. So before anyone ever sets foot in your store, picks up the phone to call you, or sends you an e-mail you can be sure they visited your website. What sort of impression does your website make?

While social media is a big part of your online marketing you're still subject to the rules, restrictions, and design changes of Facebook and Instagram. But on your website you have full control. It's your branding, your content, and your message presented exactly how you want. On your website you can easily add email sign up forms, maps to your business, or even e-commerce. Anything that you might desire.

It's very easy for your potential customers and clients to compare your website to those of your competitors. With a click of the mouse or tap of the finger they can open up dozens of websites and quickly switch between them. How does your website stack up? The challenging thing about having a bad website is no one will ever tell you they thought your website was bad, they'll simply just take their business elsewhere."