Fine art + Galleries

Attract collectors and sell artwork

Fine Art + Gallery Website

Artwork is inherently visual and sensory, and so is our work. Narrative Media understands what artists and galleries are trying to communicate through their websites, trying to re-create the in-person viewing experience. Features of your site:

  • Built on the easy-to-use Squarespace platform
  • Responsive and looks great on any screen or device
  • Elegant galleries to exhibit artworks
  • Options for blogs, e-commerce, and more
  • Contact form to capture email addresses
  • Personal Squarespace training included


Professional images sell artwork, with well composed photographs that help capture the size, color, and energy of the art. Narrative Media offers the following photography services:

  • Product/art photography - from on-the-wall artwork to large sculptures
  • Architectural photography - capturing exteriors and interiors with experienced post-production editing
  • Portrait photography - attractive images of owners, staff, and other team members
  • Event photography - on-location documenting of art shows, lectures, or other happenings


Videos share a lot of information effectively and in a compelling fashion. From interviews with artists, videos of hanging a show, or scenes showing the process of creating your art, Narrative Media helps you plan, film, and share engaging videos.

  • Professional video and editing, created to your specifications

Social media

You're a prolific artist or an active gallery, shouldn't your social media be as well? Your customers are looking for you on Facebook and Instagram, and if you're not there they'll wonder why. Let Narrative Media help you:

  • Become a member of the Social Media Photo Clique, our unique subscription based service that provides inexpensive professional photography on a monthly basis
  • Develop a custom social media strategy centered around beautiful images and video