Annual Contract Proposal for Marketing Services, Photography, Video, and Web Design

NOTE: Please see the revised pricing below.

At this point Bon Marche and Narrative Media know each other very well, and there is an excellent foundation of trust, both personally and professionally. We have all worked hard together to help develop and execute various marketing projects, and now is the time to make it official.

Narrative has already provided several thousand dollars worth of work and time, and happily so, but the ultimate goal was for Bon Marche to see how we perform and our level of execution. In particular we wanted to offer a baseline comparison between us and all of your other professional service providers, past and present.

Our goals in working with Bon Marche are two-fold: solve your problems and increase your revenue. We have shared some of our ideas for how to accomplish this with you already, and we look forward to making it all happen.

Projects and work done:

  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Photography
  • Videos
  • Graphic Design
  • Mailchimp


Photography & Graphic Design

It’s about more than clicks - camera clicks and mouse clicks. We capture the brand essence and distill it into beautiful images that engage and excite. Hours honed in front of the computer and behind the lens translate into exceptional work that’s done quickly, professionally, and beautifully.


It’s not just about the gear. Yes, we have the equipment - tens of thousands of dollars of cameras, audio, accessories, and software - that allow us to record excellent video. But it’s the experience, the direction, and the skillful editing that makes all the difference.




Narrative Media will design, develop, and code a brand new Bon Marche website. One that will provide a better foundation for future growth of the online business. Compared to the current website, the one we create will:

  • Have a cleaner design and navigation, projecting the Bon Marche brand more accurately and offering fewer obstacles to sales and revenue.
  • Be built better, and allow visitors on any device or size screen to have an optimal experience with the Bon Marche website.
  • Be easier to use, maintain, and update compared to the current setup.
  • Be less expensive and less stressful than any website proposed by Explore Media.

Marketing and Production

Narrative Media will continue to provide marketing strategy and production services - photography, video, writing, and graphic design. This will be a formalized relationship based on a renewable contract. Our consulting and production capabilities are the crux of our strategy for Bon Marche:

  • Professional high quality content in the form of well written text, beautiful photographs/graphics, and engaging videos are the main marketing tool to capture and retain positive attention from potential customers.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other social networks are just tools - and most outfits that promote themselves as social media experts don't do much...they badger you for the content and ideas and then they make posts. There's very little value. Narrative Media develops ideas, produces the content, and then pushes it out to all of the appropriate channels. From A-Z - simple, easy, and effective.


Rates & Fees

Bon Marche Website
NEW PRICE $16,950

Lower fees than Explore Media with better execution

Delivery of a custom designed and coded website built on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform, a system that we strongly believe is better than Joomla! and will provide a long-term foundation for the Bon Marche website's growth and performance. The new Bon Marche website will be easier to manage, navigate, and update, as well as designed to be a better representation of the Bon Marche brand.

The website will be optimized for usage on all devices, from iPhones to iPads to iMacs - and everything in between.

The timeline for completion would be 4-6 weeks, depending on when you decided to start the project.

Payment for large projects is normally 50% down with 50% on completion. However, if you decide to do an annual contract with Narrative for Marketing & Production, we can discuss a monthly payment option stretched over a period of time.

Latest Website Project

Client: The Essential Guides
Platform: Adobe Business Catalyst

  • Large website with over 500 separate web pages
  • Covers three different travel guides for three geographical areas
  • Listings for over 450 clients of the Essential Guides
  • Custom login interface for all of the Essential Guides' clients to register and manage their own listings and information
  • Responsive design optimized for all devices and resolutions
  • Extra custom graphic design, HTML, CSS, and jQuery

Narrative Media believes that a six-month contract would be the best solution for Bon Marche. It would allow us to continue the relationship unabated, and function as the "next step" in the trial period. Narrative Media would begin delivering even more work on a consistent basis, and at a price point that is significantly less than a per project fee.

We can not quote per project fees because it depends on a lot of different variables. However, for example:

  • The videos we filmed and edited would have been roughly $1,850

*does not include extra expenses such as location fees and permits, model fees, assistants, or travel expenses

Marketing & Production Contract

This contract would include:

  • One Monthly Meeting for planning and strategy
  • One Monthly Product Highlight or Promotional Feature, which includes:
    • Photography session at Bon Marche
  • Online Marketing Management:
    • Facebook
      3 posts/week
    • Mailchimp newsletters
      1 newsletters/month

Marketing & Production Contract

This contract would include:

  • One Monthly Meeting for planning and strategy
  • One Monthly Product Highlight or Promotional Feature, which includes:
    • Photography session at Bon Marche
    • Short Video filmed at Bon Marche
  • Online Marketing Management:
    • Facebook
      3 posts/week
    • Pinterest
      Posting of photographs and graphics
    • Bon Marche blog
      1 post/month
    • Mailchimp newsletters
      2 newsletters/month

Marketing & Production Contract

This contract includes everything from the other column PLUS:

  • Quarterly Lifestyle Photography Shoot and Video
    Narrative Media would plan, coordinate, and shoot quarterly lifestyle projects for Bon Marche. There would be a significant amount of  content that we would gather from each shoot:
    • Dozens of photographs for web, print, and other marketing
    • One long form (2-3 minute) video
    • Two to three shorter videos, such as "behind-the-scenes" or clips from the longer video.

A La Carte Pricing

Lifestyle Photography

  • $2,495 for Lifestyle Photography Shoot
    • One location
    • 10-15 finished images to include:
      • Hero images
      • Editorial images
      • Detail/Macro images

Short Form Promotional Video

  • $900 per video
    • 45-60 seconds each
    • one location
    • similar to the two videos already provided
    • one hour maximum shooting session not including setup and break down

Lifestyle Video

  • $2,495 for Lifestyle Video Shoot
    • One location
    • One 30 second broadcast cut video
    • One 2-3 minute feature length video

Product Photography

  • $50 per image / 10 images minimum per session
    • Includes in-studio setup with white seamless background and 1-2 lights
    • Editing in Photoshop and clipping included

Recent Video Project

A video Narrative Media filmed at the 5-star Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. We documented one of their 4,850 square foot luxury casitas along with an Artist-in-Residence event over a three day weekend.